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Corporate Team Building

Go beyond with us.

Going beyond with Growth Intel means more than just attending a workshop or completing a training. We are committed to providing lasting impact to your growth journey. 

Our services.

Our services not only provide organisational solutions, it propels personal growth.


We offer a spectrum of essential soft skills equipping you to navigate challenges and enhance your performance. From stress management, nurturing a growth mindset, conquering limiting beliefs, influencing outcomes to mastering communication and decision making – all tailored to support your unique objectives!

Be it a workshop, training, coaching, or content optimisation, we go beyond the session to include discovery calls & post-program support. You gain valuable insights, practical tools, and a clear roadmap to apply newfound knowledge.

& Growth Talks

Targeted Workshops

Take Inspired Action with Growth Intel’s Workshop:

  • Engaging learning experience tailored to focus on unique needs. Customised to help overcome challenges, sharpen soft skills, and foster a growth mindset.


  • Interactive approach with a blend of insight sharing, active participation and skills practice. 


  • Ideal for team building, offsites, kick-off sessions, and corporate events. Whether you’re looking to improve abilities, collaboration, engagement, morale and creativity, or establish common ground.

Achieve Personal Excellence with Growth Intel's Coaching:


  • Personalised guidance designed to help you navigate issues & barriers; harnessing abilities to reach your peak potential.


  • We meet your unique needs, whether you're striving for professional success, seeking work-life balance, or navigating the complexities of personal growth. Coaching can also serve as a valuable post-training follow-up strategy to help troubleshoot nuances, better apply what you’ve learnt & see lasting change.

  • Growth Intel offers both 1:1 Coaching & Group Coaching. Through a series of sessions, you'll work closely with our skilled coaches to identify challenges, set actionable goals, and develop strategies for success.


Personalised Coaching

Accelerate your growth.

Discover our approach to people development


Training Series

Upskill Teams or In-House Trainers with Growth Intel’s Training: 


  • Structured program purposefully designed to cover a range of specialised topics from navigating challenges to elevating performance/soft skills. Easily facilitates organisational transformation and adoption of learnings. 


  • Hands-on learning experience that enables critical thinking and creativity, develops skills, & fosters application to real-world challenges. 

  • Ideal for developing & supporting people at scale – whether you’re committed to driving growth and lasting change, or looking to enhance engagement and productivity. 

Reinforce Your Message with Growth Intel’s Content:


  • Customised content creation and strategy for impactful and resonant messaging. We work with you to  distill complex ideas into simple, powerful and compelling narratives. 


  • Structured content leveraging our subject matter and communication expertise. We enable you, whether you’re refining collateral, creating learning resources, or aligning your organisation’s messaging.


  • Expand your outreach through engaging toolkits, playbooks, collaterals, resource hubs and communication channels. 

Content & Strategy

Train the Trainer

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