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Growth Intel's Founders

At Growth Intel...

We believe that the pursuit of success doesn’t have to come at the cost of your wellbeing. Our mission is to empower professionals: from navigating challenges of the modern workplace to maximising potential for peak performance.


Through our training programs, coaching and curated content, we enable individuals and organisations to cultivate mental resilience, thrive in the face of challenges and embrace growth.


Our journey began with the realisation that the true measure of success goes beyond achievements; it's about a sense of purpose, self-awareness & growth mindset. That's why we've crafted a unique approach that brings together the best of both worlds – professional excellence and personal wellbeing.

How we work with you.

Growth Intel Training

Structured training curriculum to develop your team or equip in-house trainers to drive growth and lasting change.

Growth Intel Workshops

An experiential session focused on a specific theme. Ideal for team building, offsites and tailored audiences.

Growth Intel Coaching

Personalised sessions to provide deeper guidance for targeted growth and removing inner barriers.

Growth Intel Train the Trainer

Strategic content and communication that reinforces your messaging and broadens your reach.


Adapt. Establish. Elevate.

Our signature methodology is anchored in three core pillars that guide your journey.

Right from the start, we work with you to customise our approach & bring your vision to life.

We cater to a spectrum of soft skills that complement vocational skills, making sure you are equipped to navigate challenges and elevate your performance.

Growth Intel Way Adapt


Harness the power of resilience and stress management to skilfully navigate challenges, overcome setbacks, and build a foundation of mental strength.


Growth Intel Way Establish


Cultivate a growth mindset, maximise opportunities, and build a strong foundation for success that stands on a bedrock of confidence and self-belief.

Growth Intel Way Elevate


Master essential leadership skills in  effective decision-making, goal clarity and influential communication that empower you to not only succeed but also inspire positive change.

Self-mastery is an art & a science.

"Engaging Growth Intel for 1:1 coaching and team consultation was invaluable. I gained clarity around my leadership values and used them to map out my team's vision."


Country Manager at WithSecure, Singapore

"Working with Growth Intel has brought me a greater sense of clarity, focus, and practical solutions that have enabled me to make more informed decisions."


Director at Standard Chartered Bank

"The ‘Unlock Your Potential’ workshop by Growth Intel's speakers Tuyen & Anushkar was so enlightening and refreshing. The advice to review what we could let go of, deprioritize, or delegate was invaluable."

Regional Lead, Pharmaceutical Industry

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